So over Christmas I got bored and decided to set up a fake account as a girl, and see how much of a nob I could be to guys, and how much they would take. Turns out guys are willing to take a lot of abuse. It soon escalated to a point where I was chatting with guys and my friends were excitedly telling me to get these random tinder guys to send me dick pics, at this point I realised I was soliciting dick pics from unknown men on the Internet and probably wasn't using Tinder as it was intended. Anyway here are some funny tinders I had. Enjoy! I have blurred some stuff out, just in case!


Tez -"Sorry you're a little bit ugly for me."



Taj - "Sorry I accidentally swiped the wrong way"




I decided I'd just answer with one words and see how long I could have a conversation for, I got bored in the end. Give it up Simon!



Andrew - Likes black men.



Christian ruins it by being uncouth.



Hanan - Well that escalated quickly...



Cameron - I demand he removes a photo from his profile before we go any further...also I hate BT broadband.



Jay - You look about 47



Tamas - He is not up for a one night stand, I will not compromise his values.



John - "Sorry I thought you were the other one".



Antonio - he had another girl in his picture, I was jealous, then he got obsessed. Genuinely feel sorry for girls who meet him.