Digital Content Editor and Social Media Manager

Since 2008 I have worked for some of the world's largest brands creating unique, engaging digital content and innovative social media campaigns. Content I have created has gone viral many times. Website visitors to increased by 11900% in my tenure. became the number 1 beverage website in the world. I grew their Facebook page by 400%. 

I acquired over 80 000 + registered new users (via confirmed email sign-up) for UK music start-up YouTube videos I created have had over 1 million total views. I have performed A/B testing, website audit, social media listening, SEO, and written best practice guides on Digital Activation for a variety of clients. I have managed large campaign budgets for video production and both Facebook adverts and Google AdSense. I have also worked with and fostered relationships with key influencers in the digital world.

Some of the brands that I have worked on. Please scroll down for some examples of my work.


Articles and copy

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In 2008 I became the "voice of Beck's beer". Beating out over 1000 other applicants throughout Europe. I was tasked with writing and creating engaging, thought-provoking, funny viral content on a daily basis. 

Since then I have written articles and copy for for a variety of different businesses, and I have had many front page viral successes on social bookmarking sites such as and formerly Click below to read a few of my articles and see the traffic that they drove.

Video Creation


Video Creation

I have created video content on a large production scale, and a small production scale (just me and my phone!). The key thing that unifies all my videos is the viral successes I have had! Click below to learn more and watch some of my videos.


Social Media Listening


A very well-known soft drink company commissioned me to do a social media listening research project on the UK artificial sweetener market.