- Viral Social Media Campaign Case Study

"Dan The Developer" - campaign

The task: 

  1.  Increase traffic to
  2.  Register new users through confirmed email sign-ups
  3.  Increase download sales

The plan: I knew mflow was a great service, and once people saw it they would register and use it. I also knew that if I could get to the front page of (one of the world's top 10 websites) it would drive a huge amount of traffic. The music subreddit at the time had almost 10 million active members. They needed to know about!

Reddit has a passionate and loyal fanbase who like a lot of in-jokes and 'easter eggs'. however they hate self-promotion. Even more so from brands or services. Therefore how to promote a music service without seeming like self-promotion then? 

I came up with "Dan the Developer" campaign. I asked Dan (a real person who worked for mflow) to programme the site, so that when you searched for "reddit" in the music search bar -  a Reddit Alien riding a narwhal would pop up on the screen with a message saying "Hello Reddit from Dan the Developer btw Nickleback suck". An ultra-meta Reddit in joke.

As a bonus I also asked Dan to add a 'hidden promo code' so that new users could get money to spend on - in order to find this hidden promo code you had to right-click inspect the reddit alien - and look at the website's own HTML code to find it. If you scroll through the gallery below you can see how this worked. 

Once these changes had been implemented on, I then had to seed this to Reddit at the right time (day of week, time of day etc.), to the correct subreddit, with an intriguing title that would entice reddit users to click through. This reached the hallowed front page of reddit and resulted in the largest one day traffic numbers to and almost 50 000 registered new users!