Past Edinburgh shows

Here are all my past Edinburgh Festival shows, with reviews and recollections.


James Loveridge and other losers (2011 JEKYLL & Hyde)

The blurb: James and three almost award-winning young comics, Sam Hastings, Darius Davies and Luke Capasso, bring their first show to Edinburgh. Come see the show that nobody's talking about but should be.

Review(s)/quotes: "An impressive debut from two very different comics." ★★★★ The Skinny

Recollections: My first time in Edinburgh, a one week run alongside James Loveridge, Luke Capasso, and Sam Hastings. We each got 1 week and half an hour a day to strut our stuff. i learnt how much I hated flyering, that Jekyll & Hyde is in the wrong side of town, and that there is more to comedy than London. 


Darius davies: HBÖ Special (2013 The Meadow bar)

The blurb: The Darius Davies:HBÖ Special brings Darius' undefeated, undisputed, indefatigable (once prestige) champion of the world seminal debut show to Edinburgh. Following in the footsteps of Louis CKChris Rock, and Dave Chappelle, Darius insults them all by inserting himself in their company. Come and see the show that HBO has labelled ‘a copyright infringement and exploitation for profit of our good name’. When not performing comedy Darius can be found winding geeks up on PS3. Not affiliated with HBO.

Review(s)/quotes: "Darius Davies… I’m sort of in love with him. He has it all; a hilarious Free Fringe show, a wonderful compere (Alex Perry) and (I quote my flatmate) ‘the most piercing eyes, I felt like he was looking into my soul’." ★★★★★ BroadwayBaby

Recollections:  After a year's hiatus it was time for me to bring my first solo show to the edinburgh festival. Hoping to recreate the magic that Luisa had, and failing pathetically, I chose to take my first show to The Meadows Bar. Which I later learnt, in Edinburgh terms was in the middle of nowhere.

My flier made me look about 7 years old, but it enticed the above reviewer in, who gave me a review based solely on my comedic ability and not because she thought I looked a bit like Tom Huddlestone. It also enticed ex-head of HBO himself, Chris Albrecht, who told me it was great and that he was the head of Starz network in the US. I obviously did not believe him, but turns out it was him.

My final recollection was how easy it is to dupe the media, I wrote myself a fake a letter from HBO telling me to 'cease and desist' which was promptly picked up by Chortle and then the Guardian.

HBO threatens to sue fringe comic - Chortle. They didn't really, HBO obviously didn't care that I was doing a show and begging for money at the end of it.


Darius Davies: hBö special uncensored (2014 Cowgate head)

The blurb: Darius Davies brings his critically-acclaimed HBÖ Special back to Edinburgh for a series of uncensored gigs. The show HBO tried to ban, the show that reviewers called 'Brilliant, hilarious, outstanding' ★★★★★ (, the show more people need to see. This is an hour of high-octane comedy, 'a near faultless and original set, which would not look out of place at Live At The Apollo. Moreover Davies has something to say' ★★★★ (ScotsGay.). ‘Amazing. Get yourself over to New York now’ (Chris Albrecht, former president of HBO).

Review(s)/quotes: "Davies is a dynamo and a wonder to behold on stage. As he rails on “the rules of life,” his delivery is akin to a performance poet’s; rhythm, pitch and pause feel studied in every word, and Davies repeats and repeats his subject like an old-school orator. " ★★★ BroadwayBaby

Recollections:  The show was better but the reviews were worse! Although that review reads really well, the guy writing it, was clearly stingy with the stars. I also got another rubbish review, when I had about two people in the audience and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. This was also the year I went with Freestival for my show, the organisation wasn't quite there, which meant shows all started at the same time - this meant that anyone queuing up for your show would instantly quit your show and go to another show with a longer line, whether or not the show was any good.  

This year was memorable for it being the first year of Hate N Live. I got a late night room at Espionage and knew it would be awful for a normal comedy show so devised Hate N Live.  It was sold out from day one.